Saturday, 4 July 2015

new drawings - the wins and the fails

I haven't had much luck with my watercolor pencils. Nah, that's not right. I am just learning to use watercolor pencils and am not up to my own standards yet. I keep starting out with these grandiose ideas, but maybe I'm using the wrong medium for the wrong thing?

Anyway I'll show you what I mean. First, here's what I would consider a successful use of watercolor pencils. This was actually Ryan's idea, he said I should do a nun matroyska that's empty (because they don't have families I guess) and put "none" in a banner. So I was like "ok" and did it. This took me about an hour.

It's pretty simple and I think that's the key to a watercolor pencil drawing when you're still learning to use them. Because as you'll see with the next two things I tried, they got crazy and there was too much color mixing and weirdness, it ended up ruining them.

So this one I actually never finished, and I don't have a photo of how I ruined it, but this is what I was happy with. As soon as I started hating it I stopped photographing it.

The elements of it looked good but as soon as I started working on the walls behind everything and the water and all that it went to shit.


This one is tragic to me because it started out really cool and I still love elements of it.

I like what I did with the honeycomb in the background, and the alien and the skeleton look pretty ok. I am so bummed I screwed up the rest of it though. This one is almost worth a do-over. Or elements of it anyway. 


So after these disappointments I decided to take a little break from the watercolor pencils, because I was feeling shitty about myself. I got out a sketchbook and just did crosshatching until it loosened me up again.

And then I went back to Simpsons things. A while ago I held a contest on my Never_See_Them_Fing instagram account where the winner got to choose any Simpsons moment for me to draw, and the winner wanted "Homer skipping with the bunnies in the land of chocolate"

Ok, why not? It was really fun to draw actually and I finished it in a single evening.


And then I got into a real sketching only kind of mood. Which is good. I've set future me up with a lot of coloring to do.


And finally, the other day I had a day off and spent most of it making this. I posted this photo on instagram with the caption "can you guess what I'm drawing?"

One person said caterpillar. It's like they don't even know me.

It's a weird Marge with a flower border. Of course. Duh! 

So that's what I've been making lately. What about you?

Sunday, 28 June 2015

June Links 2

The oatmeal just gets me.


Jeff Ross roasts female prisoners.

Saturday, 27 June 2015


"impression selfies" should be the next big thing. It's my new favorite.


It's weird, there have got to be things I want to say, but then by the time I sit down to blog my mind draws a blank. I have been stressed out like BLAH over my job situation, but it's settled down again until October now...they decided not to re-post the position until my contract ends. So that's ... good. I'm also scheduled as a shipper/receiver AND a cashier over the next month and a half. Basically working full-time. What a roller coaster, seriously.

I decided to not get any loans or anything for school, and to just work my 23948203948 jobs and do school too. So maybe I'll have a lot to complain about say once September rolls around.

Anyway an easy way to get my brain moving into blogging mode again is to do a lately post, so let's do it! Lately I've been...

Reading: I have been doing such a poor job at finding time to read books lately. I am busy and then brain dead and there seems to be no in-between. If I sit down and relax I just fall asleep. I used to read before bed but nope. Instant sleep. I tried taking some books out of the library because I figure the time limit will get me motivated. So far, not so much.

Learning: to use watercolor pencils. It's not that they're hard to use, but they're hard to use well. The main mistakes I keep making are using too much water and mixing too many colors together so it looks muddy.

But I do feel like I did a good job last night on this jellyfish.

Watching: Orange is the New Black. Ryan finally believes me that it's a good show (of course after he read it online, not because I've been telling him for like 2 years) so we have been watching it all the way back from Season 1. I've also been binge re-watching The (US) Office while I draw. It's one of those shows that's perfect to be playing in the background. Except I'm on the Nellie seasons and I just can't stand that lady!!

Eating: a lot of Popcorners. We sell them at the book store for two dollars a bag and it's trouble I tell ya. The Kettle flavor is amazing. I also bought a gigantic bag of BC Cherries and will probably just give myself constant diarrhea until they are gone. Such is life.

Feeling bad for: Tank. Not only does the guy have seasonal allergies, is shedding, has foot cysts, is super itchy, and is WAY too hot all summer, but our neighbor's dog attacked him the other day.

Wait, what?

You heard me. A DIFFERENT NEIGHBOR's dog attacked Tank. We were literally sitting out in the field near my house. I took a picture, actually. Here's us minding our own business.

Then this guy comes down into the field with his crazy dog. It's a little scrappy thing, a teenager dog, you know? We've actually talked to this man about not letting his dog run up on our driveway because of the last time Tank was attacked, so he should have known better but he just let his damn dog run up to us and it went bananas.

I almost think there is something about the way Tank looks that causes dogs to attack him, like, his teeth are always showing and you can't see his tail? Because he was literally just standing there like a dufus, as usual. He didn't do anything to provoke it.

And it just fucking attacked. It only lasted a second because we humans got in the middle and pulled them apart. The man was very apologetic and I was like "he's fine, we're gonna go" because he looked ok at first. But when we got home I noticed a couple bloody spots on the top of his head, tooth marks. And then after a few minutes his eye started swelling up and I noticed there was a huge gash there. 

Ryan and I talked about it and decided it wasn't quite bad enough to need stitches but it was close. I'm so grateful it didn't get his eye.

He was upset for the rest of the night, very restless and panting a lot. Poor doggy. :*(

Listening to: nothing really new. A lot of Nick Cave, a lot of Black Sabbath. Anybody have any music suggestions? Am I missing some new revolution in sound?

Feeling Good About: I just found out the college will pay for two of my classes this Fall. It saves me over two thousand dollars!!! Just for being an employee there and spending 2 minutes at the registration desk. Holy moly what a bonus.

Drawing: I'm going to do another drawing post soon but I've been getting weird with it and it feels right. I want to do another run of Simpsons things but maybe themed sets of Simpsons character portraits or something fancy. lol

Working on: learning to promote myself better. I NEED to make more money to pay my tuition since I'm not doing the whole student loan thing this time around. I brought a bunch of my favorite drawings to a printmaker and am getting nice high-quality prints made of them. I've also scanned a few of them and put them up on Society 6, see them here.

They start at $20 which I think is quite reasonable. Just sayin'. :)

Looking forward to: my little sister's wedding!! It's coming up soon. We are driving the 20ish hours back to Alberta and spending just under a week with all my family. It's going to be an adventure. We just decided to fly after finding an amazing seat sale and realizing our car doesn't have air conditioning and it's 38429875 degrees out.

And I'm a bridesmaid so there's that. Definitely going to need a flute of champagne or two that day.

Spending a lot of time: on the bus listening to podcasts. And at work. I'm doing the whole six days a week thing between the two college campuses, helping the Shipper/Receiver, being a cashier AND doing my buyer job, plus Saturdays at Tattoo Zoo too. It's not bad, I like going to all those places, but it's that whole introvert thing where I can never have a day to myself anymore. And I kind of need it.

Considering: drawing comic strips for the school newspaper. I'm pretty sure it's an unpaid gig but I bet I can get my stuff in print which would be neat. Buuuuuuut I don't know about committing to something like that if it doesn't pay. Hm.


Hey, quick question, as this just happened as I was creating this post: does anybody else out there with an iPhone get random facetime requests from strangers and 1-800 numbers? I get them like once every week or so and it freaks me out. This time I messaged the number "who the hell is this?" and we had this weird conversation where neither of us would say who we were but I'm pretty sure it was some kind of scammer. Why would they facetime? What do they gain from this? That's fucked up!!

Ok that's it. What's new with you?

Monday, 15 June 2015

June links 1


No idea why it's taken me half the month to put together a decent links list. I guess there's not much out there on the internet. JK I think I've just been busier than usual. Anyway here's some stuff.

This video had me laughing my butt off one evening this week. Pete Holmes is my new favorite comedian right now. And who doesn't love a Ben Schwartz? And that is a SPOT ON Jon Krasinski impression!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

new drawings

I know, this Homer at clown college picture was in my last drawings post but it's now up in my Etsy store. So here it is again. 


I just did this today. It took me freaking so long, so many small details and hand cramps. 


This creepy mermaid painting is quite big (11x15 inches), and it took me a long-ass time to do. I mainly used Speedball Super Black india ink, water, a paint brush and a nib pen. I used an ultra-fine sharpie for the tail scales and dots.

This was outside my comfort zone but I will definitely be doing more like this in the future. It was super fun. Um, except for when I spilled half the ink pot onto our carpet :( Classic me.

bee stalking

I need to carry my camera around more!!