Wednesday, 27 April 2016


For some reason I've gone down a rabbit hole of drawing dinosaurs with minor injuries, then making a little rhyming book out of them, then coloring them digitally. For days now. I blame Ryan, he made a single pun that started it all.

Dino Sores

This is what I do with a week off of work?

Anyway here are some links because I need to stop it with the goofy art project for a few minutes.

I also just really wanted to share this photo of me lying in a beach fort because I never go to the beach even though I'm literally on an island which is just dumb. And it's funny because it looks roomy in there but I actually barely had room to do that super sexy pose. And I was worried about spiders the entire time.

Little thought-of fact for you all: giant spiders really love rocky beaches. But logic tells me that if you lay on some logs over top of the rocks you are perfectly safe from said spiders. And who cares about your purse, it can just fill up to the brim with rock spiders, just lay it down sideways on the ground. Whatever.

   Ah, so comfortable.

Monday, 18 April 2016

haircuts and comic conventions - well only one of each actually

I finally did it, got my hairs cut!! I said to the lady that I honestly never ever ever style my hair or use product so please make me look cool with zero effort mmkay?

She let me cut those braids off myself, as long as I promised to be careful because her scissors were very sharp.


 Dang it feels good! And so far it's so much less work than the long hair. I even bought product. Two thingies. One dry shampoo weird thing and one spray that makes you look like you were at the beach somehow? It's all magic to me.

After this haircut came the next thing to do on my list...pick up my comic from the printer!

And last but not least our final project of the year...CCAF (Camosun Comics and Art Festival). I was so ready. I had a float, I had a tablecloth, I had a little banner with my name on it, I had prints priced and made mini sculptures to sell. I spent a little extra money on making my table cute.

...I made $25. Not profit. haha

I just seriously don't get the appeal of doing a convention. Unless you LOOOOOVE giving an elevator pitch to 45 million strangers over hours and hours and giving out free shit but never selling anything. I was so grateful when anybody bought anything I wanted to tell them "TAKE ANYTHING YOU WANT FOR FREE I LOVE YOU"

Here's my set-up...the guy beside me did NOT like the geometrical patterns in my drawings paired with the triangles on my blanket.

I got to meet a couple teenage girls who were getting in trouble in art class for the inappropriate subject matter of their art. I told them to keep drawing it anyway. They were so freaking cute. Ryan was able to sneak a picture of us talking.

So school is over. 

Now what?

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Do I ever tell you about the good stuff?

I always blog when I'm stressed out. I started this one talking about the two job interviews I had this week (both 4-panel interviews, both with a written component, both over 1.5 hours long AAAH the stress) and how I didn't get either job and what a loser I feel like, but instead I'm changing my tune.

I didn't lose anything. In fact, I put myself out there and tried two new things. I didn't get them but I tried. I learned from it. And in the end nothing changed so what's all this stress about anyway?


I've been trying that thing of telling yourself there is only this moment. I don't know which guru or philosopher or mind control demon first came up with this idea, but it seems to work fairly well when I'm worried about deadlines or upcoming stressful events or something I said in the past. Generally these things come to me when I'm laying in bed or re-playing a conversation in my head while I'm on the bus. When I catch myself I say

"There is nothing but this bus ride. You are literally just sitting on a bus listening to a podcast you enjoy."

"You are fine, you are laying in a bed. Nothing you can possibly think of will change your circumstances, you are in a comfy bed reading a book you like. This moment is all there is."

It sounds a little transcendental but it works for me. I'm considering getting a bit more hippie and trying out some meditation techniques. But let me know if I start wearing birkenstocks and smiling creepily with my eyes at half-mast for no reason.


I got an email from a gal from blog's past, Sumashree, she wrote about taking the bus a long long time ago. She said that she saw my colouring book on a Buzzfeed listicle. I was wondering why it was getting SO MANY likes on Etsy that morning.

Well the likes never actually translated into sales but it certainly was a popular thing to click a heart button on for a few days. I'll take it! :)


I got an email from the school last week telling me that there had been an error with my tuition and the union I'm in actually owed me quite a lot of money because of reasons, so please come pick up a cheque. Um hell yes.

Because of this error I was finally able to book myself a real hair cut. And it's about time. The other day I was zipping up my jeans and my hair got caught in the zipper.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.


Enough is enough. I'm constantly too hot, getting it caught in jackets, shirts, bras, buckles, backpacks, strangers clothes, etc etc etc. It never really looks nice, it's always in the way. I'm sure short hair has its issues as well but I'm so ready for a change.

I'm fairly certain it's long enough to donate to Locks of Love, so I'm gonna save it in a baggy and mail it away. Hopefully some kid will be able to make it work better than I ever did.


My comic convention is coming up in one week. I am NOT READY YET but I'm having fun trying to plan a display for my little table. Any tips? Our instructor emailed us this photo of all of our comic covers together. Mine is second down on the far left.

I ordered 30 copies, and am hoping to trade with a lot of my classmates, because their stuff is fantastic. I'm so stoked I learned how to make comic books. This is certainly not the last one. Oh boy oh boy. I'm now a comic book maker lady.

So in conclusion ... life is life and sometimes it's great and sometimes it's stressful and sometimes it's a combination of the two, and in the end it all depends on what you choose to focus on.

FYI I tried to re-write that last sentence 4 times to not end it in a preposition. The linguist in me says that rule is outdated, people always end sentences in prepositions. So there. It's fine.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

how to balance

 My big butt doesn't fit into clothes that are "my size" probably half the time. I don't know what to make of that. I used to be ashamed of it but now that butts are en vogue ... ?

I'm so off balance this week I can't quite get a grip. Too many obligations and all I want to do is watch Never Been Kissed on Netflix and go to bed at 9. Which I did last night. Good times. Much lazy.

I had it all together at the beginning of this school term, BOOM go to work BOOM don't miss a single class BOOM homework all done perfectly BOOM extra freelance work done in spare minutes at night

Now I am confused about what day it is and where I'm supposed to be at any given time. My work schedule changed suddenly AND I had a job interview yesterday (four-person panel, written portion, 1.5 hours long) so it may change again. This has affected my ability to show up to a lot of my classes on time or at all.

I don't know if I'm staying in my position at work, and that's always a weird feeling.

Someone wants to buy my camera and it feels like the HUGEST DEAL to go where they are and take their money.

I'm suddenly not attending class so who cares about the homework?

 I come home and ... forget about it all immediately.

I can't physically see the guy who is getting me to do transcription work for him and he's very understanding so maybe "it can just wait until tomorrow". 


I'm tired.

I'm overwhelmed.

My feet hurt.

This week's goal is GET IT BACK TOGETHER GIRL

I'm getting a haircut next week, goodbye stupid long hair getting zipped into my jacket or stuck under backpack straps or strangling me in my sleep.

This is the cut I want, more or less:

Anyway wish me luck and peaceful vibes. :)

Monday, 4 April 2016

hospital Thursdays

I got a text yesterday around 1pm from Ryan while I was at school saying the kid* got hurt in gym class and they were at emergency. By the time class finished they were starving because neither of them had eaten since breakfast, so I met them in x-ray with hospital bagels and coffee.

 *It's weird calling him that but I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate being on my blog as a 13 year old boy.

I wasn't sure if you're allowed to bring food into the sub-waiting rooms and thought it would be nice to ask at the check-in desk. I was the only person there, but they made me take a number. Balancing a tray of coffee and juice, plus two little bags of food in one arm, I reached out and pulled number 70. The wall said 69. (heh heh get it?)

I stood there awkwardly, brandishing my 70 ticket for at least five minutes, practicing what I was going to say to them in my head over and over, shifting my weight back and forth between sore feet. There were two people sitting behind the desk, both typing away on computers and refusing to look my way.

Finally the grumpier and greyer of the two frowned up at me and said sharply "Well, can I help you?"

"Uh yeah, I just got a text from two hungry guys in the x-ray waiting room and I was wondering if-"

"You're a tech?" She interrupted.

"No I got a tex-"

"I don't understand what you want, are they techs?"

"No. I. Got. A. Text. My boyfriend and his kid are in a waiting room and I want to bring them food."

"Where are they?"

"He's getting an x-ray."

She stared at me, so confused.

"I just wanted to ask if I could bring food into that waiting room."

She kept staring.


She looked at me like I was the biggest idiot and said "Yeah, we don't care."

Oh boy.

So off I went, found them parked in a long line of injured and ill people in wheely beds where we awkwardly stood around balancing bagels and coffees in our hands.

He had hurt his hip, the doctor couldn't figure it out so he went for an x-ray. We had to wait about an hour for somebody to come get the bed and wheel it back to emergency. Ryan took our garbage down the hallway and on his walk back to us a frail looking woman in a bed told him he looked like Jamie from Mythbusters.

"I don't know who that is but I'll take it as a compliment," he said.

"Oh it is. He's smart and good looking."

Ryan came back and I told him NO he absolutely does NOT look like Jamie from Mythbusters and I showed him a picture. Many LOLs were had (quietly enough that the woman couldn't hear, of course). I also pretended I was gonna go kick her ass for messing with my man too. Ah, good times.


People kept being wheeled up to the same hallway and each one said

"Now, don't forget me here."

I laughed as I realized that was the transport people's cliche thing. Like the cashier's "It must be free." when an item doesn't scan.

But what's not funny is, as we found out later from the transport guy, one of those ladies had literally been lost in a back hallway for two hours. Nobody knew where they had left her.

Oops. Ok she actually had reason to worry about them forgetting her.


What followed was such a long and dragged out SIX more hours in a room we became nearly delerious with silliness. At one point Ryan left to get us a snack from a nearby grocery store, and although I was loath to eat in such a place I was also so hungry my stomach ended up winning out. I was full by the third giant potato wedge anyway. What harm could three potato wedges do in an emergency room?

I also stopped eating them because we had to move out of the room we were in and in transit somehow the bag containing the food was placed on the floor. Nope. Not eating that shit no mo'.

The reason for the long wait was because the doctors needed a specialist's opinion on the x-ray but he was at another hospital in surgery. So it wasn't even like they could say "he will be six hours". It was all "any minute now, maybe." which makes the day incredibly long.

Two out of three of our phones' batteries died. I let the kid play my Sims game on my phone. We drew. We sat there. We looked up my ex boyfriends on Facebook.

One doctor went home for the day and we were handed to another. Nurses popped in telling us they were going for a dinner break but would be back afterwards to check on us.

Finally the diagnosis came in. His IT band was hurt. Illeotibial band, for long. Something about it being like a tight rubber band and "snapping" out of place and then back in. *shudder*

He crutched on out of there and we went home with the old "rest and ibuprofin" prescription. Second diagnosis happens today.

Knock on wood, and I do feel superstitious saying this, but I haven't ever hurt myself badly enough to need crutches and he literally already had a pair at home from last year's ACL incident. I guess that's the difference between an athlete and a nerd. I'll take nerd, thank you. The worst I get is eye strain.

Thursday, 31 March 2016


Today is the last day I can work on my comic before we send 'em into the print shop.

This past weekend I pulled not one but TWO almost all-nighters. Well honestly not really. I stayed up until 5-ish two nights in a row but slept in until after noon, I guess that doesn't count. Anyway whatever I worked hard.

Next time you look at a comic book realize that each page was so much work and took so much time.

That's all.

Wish me luck, I still need some magic to get this thing ready in time.