Saturday, 3 October 2015

you know you're getting older when...

You know you're getting older

when you start identifying more with the parents in teen movies than the protagonist. 

Or when you find Gomez and Morticia Addams' relationship more hot than gross.

It's not stopping me from wearing Wednesday Addams hair though. 


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Friday, 2 October 2015

move up another level

I am ... dare I say it? Proud of myself. Yesterday in life drawing class we had a short lesson in hands and feet, and then immediately went on to draw our first nude model.

 Finger tips of fingers.

It was actually a lot easier to draw a figure when she was naked, and I didn't shy away from drawing pubes or a buttcrack or whatever either. If I saw it I drew it. And it wasn't awkward at all. I always thought the model might feel weird about it which is dumb because it was their choice to take the job, and this first gal was super chill.

We have a lot of homework due for next week and I'm really stoked to work on it. We have to practice hands and feet in our sketchbook and hand it in, and we have to start a splash page using one of the drawings from our sketchbook as a base. I'm thinking of taking one of the people and make it a Halloween page, dressing them up in a costume. Maybe a mummy or a vampire or something ... it has to be something that shows the body shape, that seems the easiest. I don't know yet though.

Here is an instagram collage of my favorite of the drawings I did yesterday in class, and then some hand and foot practice I worked on last night while Ryan watched some show I wasn't interested in.

I'm not super happy with the angle of her feet but if I could just erase that one line on the left side ankle it would be much better. Also...hands are HARD TO DRAW. Holy shit. I know everybody says it but seriously. They don't make logical sense. It's kind of like a square but then all these things jutting out of it and it tapers at the wrist side and there are bends everywhere and lines and wrinkles. Toes are easy, you just do circles with stems basically.

I'm going to do another few pages of practice hands today, and probably some feet too for fun.

Nerd alert.

But I guess that was obvious when I started going to comic book school.

pants shopping while fat

Feeling shitty about your body? Not quite as self confident as you usually are? Having a perfectly fine day off at home?

Why not totally ruin it by shopping for pants?

I really tried to keep a positive attitude, but right now I am at the very top end of the "trendy" stores' sizing, meaning sometimes their biggest sizes fit and sometimes they don't. So it's a game of grabbing everything that may fit, then trying to squeeze into their "large" while telling yourself you're fine with the way you look and big butts are in right now.

Not a fun game.

I ended up only fitting into one pair of a light-wash denim that had a hole in an unfortunate area, and a pair of men's cut-off shorts that I didn't really need anyway. So I left empty handed.

And also feeling like a big fat loser.

Isn't that the dumbest? Why don't I just shop in an age and size appropriate store instead?

I am home now, wearing joggers that fit me nicely and a loose tank top with a hoodie over everything and a hummingbird said hi to me and I am about to draw some stuff so it's all coming back around to happy again. Funny how that works.

Don't try to be something you're not is the lesson of the day. Believe it or not a 33 year old woman is not a 20 year old woman and sometimes their clothes are different and that's ok. If you're normally ok with looking how you look and shopping in one store changes that, maybe just don't go to that store.

Oh yeah, I'm turning 33 on the 7th so get mailing those presents!

Your pal,

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

hand tattoos and warped tour bodysuits

 I have a feeling this is going to be one of those posts I look back on in a few years and cringe, like when you re-read your high school diaries about sheeple and the love of your life high school boyfriend who you refer to as "my honey". BARF.

I have a lot of internal "rules" I feel like I personally need to follow when it comes to tattoos. The "warped tour bodysuit" offends me. I know there are a lot of people out there who will argue "it's their body let them put tattoos where they want bla bla bla" but I hold the belief that you have to "earn" job-stopper tattoos (hands face and neck). You don't get to look tough without putting in the hours.

This is what I'm talking about:

When he puts on a shirt he's going to look heavily tattooed. It's such a poser thing to do. You do those areas LAST. That is the rule. haha

Anyway my own self-imposed rules are similar. You must have full arms before getting hand tattoos. Also a job you cannot be fired from that has room for promotion/turning into a career.

Check and (as of yesterday) check!!

So I've been doing my research and from just taking screenshots of hand tattoos I liked, it looks like I'm very into the entire hand being covered, and traditional roses. That's easy! :) These were my 9 favorites from last night:

I wouldn't really want a two-parter like the butterfly one but it's SO PRETTY. And the fingers in the top right corner are so gorgeous but that's probably a bit much for a college office worker. For now anyway! Start slow.

I'm also still into palms, finger and knuckle tattoos, especially two phrases "READ MORE" and "WORK HARD" and cool black symbols. I don't find knuckle tattoos to look rough or "hard", but I might be in the minority with that one. My boss/friend Sarah Kramer just got her knuckles done and they're super cute!

Anyway bla bla bla I want hand tattoos now and it's exciting to have waited so long and finally be "allowed" to get them.  Any of you have hand tattoos? What about tattoo "rules" for yourself?

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

long hair is the worst

As will be seen in NEXUS

it's a tuesday morning and I should be getting ready for work

I miss freestyle blogging and am going to try and do it more. Not everything has to have a structure.

I got my job yesterday!

I mean, I FINALLY, after over a year of working the job, own it. I am officially IN. With benefits and paid holidays and not ever having to interview for it again. It's only 16 hours a week but it's MIIINNNNEEEE.

It was funny, I really must have had a "hire-me" vibe going on because after I did the interview I went straight back to work, which included me going and chatting with the manager of the print shop (where I got my colouring books printed) and was offered some work there as well!

I said yes because I'm just saying yes to everything right now and it seems to be going pretty well.

How many irons can I have in the fire at once?

Ryan says I'm happier the busier I am and I agree. I get depressed and stressed when I feel useless.

So I am happy and busy and enjoying all the things.