Monday, 26 January 2015

DIY weekend

Well we certainly had a productive weekend, Ryan and I. Friday afternoon I needed to buy some soy milk, and we decided to get it at Costco, because, you know, I needed three for the price of one. Somehow we ended up looking at toilets.

I don't know, it happens when you're an adult I guess. I took a picture of it happening, which might actually subtract some of the "adult" from the equation. Not sure.

Anyway after a phone call to my super helpful boss who assured us it was easy to install, we bought one. It was late Friday evening when we got home so we decided to leave it in the living room overnight. But we were too excited about our new toilet so we took it out of the box so we could look at it.

The kid thought we were crazy and arranged a sleepover for the next day. 

That night I cracked open my new Drawing the Head and Figure book to the first page and tried drawing some simple heads. Somehow they turned out rather creepy. I guess that's just how I draw?

Saturday we brought T-dog to the vet about his weird foot thing and it was just as we thought. He had a cyst between his toes but it burst internally. (EW) and then the gunk spread under his skin and caused an infection. (EWWW) So now I'm feeding him gigantic pills twice a day (thank you, peanut butter) and bathing his foot and applying million dollar gel (that I assume is made of diamonds and Cher's tears) to the foot three times a day. So FUN!

AW, okay, he's worth it.


When we got home we changed into our worst clothes, watched some youtube videos on toilet installation and got to work. It really wasn't that bad or that difficult, considering neither of us had any idea what we were doing at all, and the instructions that came with the thing were ... vague, at best.

Go team!

I actually did help a lot, I didn't just sit around taking pictures of Ryan's plumber's butt but I couldn't help myself. It went great. And it works great. And there was no OH SHIT moment. (No pun intended, I shit you not.) (Pun intended.)

Everything is fine. Which is what you want when you've installed a toilet in your house.


Sunday we picked up the kid from his friend's house and went for brunch at a cute old-school cafe. Afterwards, still on a home improvement high from Saturday, went to a store and bought ourselves a can of white paint and a bunch of shelves and hooks and other little organizers. We got home and while I painted the trim in "my" bathroom, Ryan set up a shoe rack and touched up other paint around the house.

And then we all kind of hit a wall. The kid got a fever, plus he has a torn tendon in his leg already and is on crutches so he was out. Ryan and I just kind of ran out of steam. So we all sat around and watched the Simpsons and Family Guy and Brooklyn Nine Nine together.

And I drew more creepy faces.

Yeah ... I'm so glad I can have a sense of humor about all this drawing because if not I would be totally discouraged and quit. I have a gigantic sketchbook to fill with practice heads if I want. Soon my creepy faces might start looking like humans rather than aliens.This is literally my second time trying to draw people seriously, maybe in my life, so it's not that bad. I guess. Whatever. I don't even care. Shut up.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

How many tattoos do you have? Part thirty two - C'S GET DEGREES

This one. Ha. I got it after receiving my diploma in the mail from the University of Victoria. I think a lot of people get the wrong idea about this, I didn't get Cs. In fact, I was nearly a straight A student.

My reasoning for this tattoo is more to remind myself that anybody can get a degree. You don't need brains or money even. You can get loans and coast by and still have the exact same qualifications I do. Nobody cares, unless you're going to grad school afterwards, nobody will ever look at how well you did in those classes.

You know?

Nobody is better than anybody else. Not to not be intimidated by people because of where they are in their lives. Anybody can get anywhere with the right circumstances.

My boss, Gerry Kramer did this one. Yes. I have a LOT of tattoos from that guy!

Friday, 23 January 2015

dog stuff

Oh having a pet is marvelous. There's the unconditional love they give, the cuteness, the dog-hugs, the funny things they do with their little personalities. There's the endless photo ops and the weird knowledge that you've made a connection with a being of another species, which is pretty amazing if you think about it long enough.

It is also tough. The responsibility. The knowledge they're not going to be around forever and it's YOUR problem. That's the difference between having a family pet when you're a kid and when you're the adult. You have to be the one to determine when it's time to take it to the vet for the weird ear thing, you have to pay for and then administer the medications. You have to be responsible for the poop clean-up. The walks. The overall health. The food allergies. The broken neck. The mental health. Is he happy? You have to determine that.

Tank is doing ok right now. He got a weird cyst between his toes, which has happened before, it's very common for bulldogs. This time, though, rather than healing on its own it has become a monster. There are weird pink lumpy bits that have emerged over the last couple days and he lost all the fur and it keeps bleeding, it's gross. It still doesn't look infected but something has to be done because it looks like it would hurt. Although Tank barely seems to notice. But he is laying with it out like that so who knows.

He's tough. He had a broken neck a few months ago for goodness sake, I guess a little foot problem is nothing compared to that.

So off to the vet we go again.

It sucks, yesterday Ryan found Tank's birth certificate (yes we have one, he's a pure bred fancy pants dog) and he's turning nine in May. NINE!! That's getting WAY up there in bulldog years.

It's so hard to know what to think about him. He is definitely slower than he was and sleeps A LOT, but he doesn't seem like an "old dog" like some old dogs do. He's not grey or anything like that. He still has a puppy face and does super cute head tilts when you say a few magic words.

But then he gets a weird foot thing and it turns disgusting and doesn't heal well. And he moans when he can't get comfortable in his bed. And he doesn't seem to like quick-paced walks anymore, he'd prefer a casual stroll where he stops and smells every single thing ever. You kind of have to drag him along. Unless there's a kitty nearby, then he's in full puppy mode again.

Look at this face! This was four days ago. Is he a man or a baby?

I can't tell if this is meant to be a depressing post or an ode to the love I have for this funny little guy. Both I guess. Having a pet makes me sad a lot more than it used to.



Reading in 2015 - Book One: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

I failed at hitting the 50 books in a year mark in 2014 by A LOT. I'm going to try it again this year. I love reading but sometimes I just don't feel like it.

This is a YA novel about two teenagers who are thrown together by accident and totally fall in love in only that way teenagers can. Which sounds terrible and cheesy until I tell you the rest: they are both from weird messed-up families and they shouldn't be together because society says so...I am doing a terrible job of selling this book, aren't I?

It took me WAY longer than it should have to read, I'm pretty sure it's a super quick read, but the file I ... uh ... "found" online was weird and would only display as 3 or 4 sentences per page. And my Kobo did not like trying to keep up with my fast fingers so I kept accidentally turning too many pages at once and then I would get frustrated and rage-quit the book.

But that's not the book's fault. I thought it was great. I loved the two main characters, Eleanor and Park. They were both cool and dorky, insecure and strong, and you just rooted for both of them the entire book. I especially enjoyed reading about their families.

The experience was a -2/10 for me unfortunately because of the stupid page-turning situation but the book I'd give an 8/10, as long as you don't mind a little bit of teen angst.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January Links 2

I want to go to here!! See more neato places to eat here. But fuck that restaurant in the sky. Nope.


Monday, 19 January 2015


I am mostly posting this because my selfie game has been on point lately on instagram and I don't want any of you to miss out on all that is my face. I'm not wearing a witch hat in that top right photo just in case you thought I was.

I talked with Ryan last night about my bad feelings and dark thoughts and felt a million percent better about it. Just saying these things out loud to someone who cares is important it turns out. I might go see my doctor about changing my antidepressants or the dosage maybe? I'm going to wait a bit and see how I I posted about before, it's been kind of a bad couple weeks, the weather has been super grey and I've been working a lot so it could also just be the combination of those factors.

Either way, I'm glad I have the clarity to be able to tell when something's not right, and enough knowledge on the subject from having done my research to know the basic WHY of it all. I can't imagine feeling this way and not understanding it's your brain chemistry being off, it's not your fault! It's not real.

It's literally all in your head.

Anyway other than all that life's been pretty ok. I decided to take my Simpsons game up a notch and drew this out on watercolor paper. So yeah, I'll most likely wreck it but I'm going to try painting it.

I feel like I have a pretty good perspective on my "art" lately. I'm still putting the word art in quotations so I'm not quite there yet, but I'm willing to admit out loud that it exists now, (albeit only to certain people) so that's a step in the right direction.

I don't care if I wreck this picture either. I know that I'm just learning and I'm going to do my best but I have a long way to go before I'm good at it. But that's okay! I REALLY enjoy the process of learning, and the making of the things. I have almost an entire book of drawings and stuff I've done, and am proud of, but I don't care about the finished product that much. I could give them all away in a heartbeat and not care because I can just make more things. And probably better.

I think that's a good place to be when you're learning. You can't be too precious about every little thing. You have to think of it all as a continuing process.

That Ira Glass quote is one of my all-time favorite things:

I'm gonna fight my way through being shitty at painting and get better! YUSS.

You know how the trend right now among bloggers is to come up with a mantra rather than resolutions for their New Year? I was thinking about what mine would be, and a single word popped into my head:


And I think that's a good one. I'm going to work, get better, stronger and earn it this year.