Saturday, 16 August 2014

about nova

These "about me" pages are the worst. Do I brag and make you think I'm totally awesome? Do I just list some facts? Do I put a cute picture of myself or keep it mysterious?

Basically this blog is just ... I don't even know any more. I like writing and it's a quick and easy storage facility for my thoughts and my photos. It's definitely more of an online journal than anything, but I write it outward, to you, internet people.

Here are some quick facts:

LOCATION I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. It's a small tourism-heavy city on an island off the West Coast, near Vancouver. But not as near as people think it is. It's about an hour and a half ferry ride away. 

HOBBIES My life is pretty small. I do a lot of going to work, taking the bus and coming home. I like to watch TV. I like to go on Reddit and read blogs. I like to hang out with my dog. I am trying to teach myself to paint and draw but I totally suck at it. I like photography but am just ok at it. Also my camera broke so ... I'm not doing much of that lately.

EDUCATION I've got a BA in Hispanic Studies and Linguistics and I'm a big fan of languages and words. I love writing. I'm a huge nerd. I've had a few small articles and things published in university newspapers and on tattoo websites but each time I hated it. I hate being in the spotlight. I am working on a fiction novel, buuuuuut ... um it's slow-going, to say the least. I'm one of those people.

FAMILY Ryan is my ... boyfriend? I guess? I hate calling him "boyfriend", it sounds so juvenile. We've been together nearly eight years and we've got one of his two teenage boys living with us full-time, while the other lives with his mom full-time. So I am a step-mom, I guess. They're good kids and pretty hilarious.

WORK I'm a "manager" (and I use that term loosely...I'm also called reception/counter helper/shop mom/shop girl ... there's no real nomenclature for this position) at Tattoo Zoo, a really great tattoo shop. I love it there, I love the people and I think I will never ever ever leave. I am also working at a college bookstore as a "casual" worker, doing whatever they need, basically. In my first year I've learned five completely different positions. Hopefully one of them manifests itself into a regular position eventually.

MENTAL HEALTH Over the past five years or so I've been fighting a losing battle with anxiety and agoraphobia. In the summer of 2013 my 14 year old brother died suddenly of a seizure that stopped his heart in the night (even typing that sentence out is horrible, it was the worst thing that's even happened in my life) and since then I have been wrestling with depression and a panic disorder as well. I'm trying to be pretty open about my feelings/symptoms on my blog because it's something that many people won't be able to recognize in themselves until they hear others' experiences. Jenny (The Bloggess) and my friend Sarah both helped me immensely and I can only hope that I can help somebody else, or at least allow them to feel a little less like a crazy person.

So that's me. If you want to connect you can find me on Twitter, or you can email me at novaisawesome (at) gmail dot com

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