Thursday, 11 August 2016

it's just a sprain

You guys have you ever sprained your ankle?

Growing up I heard the phrase "it's just a sprain" more than a few times. A sprain is a good thing, it's not BROKEN. No bones were injured so it's JUST sprained.

Jesus christ do I wish I had a broken bone. Do you know what a sprain even is? I didn't. But now I do and it's not the cute little baby injury I thought it was. For those of you who don't know, it's when you stretch or tear ligaments and tendons. I look at this diagram below and go ... yep that's where it hurts. All those red arrows are where it's fucked up. Plus some fun top of foot action and a weird thing in my shin.

It's been eleven days since I missed a step going into my mom's basement and landed ankle bone first with a twist on a concrete floor and it's still like ... AAAGH. I went back to the walk in clinic yesterday because it still hurts a LOT and I've got some fancy new bruises around my toes and on the arch of my foot ... totally normal, apparently.

So you guys...there's not a "just" when you talk about a sprained ankle. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. 

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