Saturday, 27 August 2016

Threadless T-Shirts by MEEEE

Hi. Remember when I used to write stuff here all the time? Now I'm spending all that energy elsewhere, on paper with pencils and fine-tipped pens mainly. I'd like to use more brushes but they are still intimidating.

I'm working on many things simultaneously and believe me, it is work. Fun work, but still.

I put some of my fun designs in a shop on Threadless. I haven't purchased any myself (yeah it's weird that you have to buy your own stuff but I get a shop owner discount so there's that) so I have no idea what they actually look like in person but I love the company, and have multiple t-shirts from Threadless so I'm fairly certain they're cool.

Here's what I've got up there now, click through to see other styles of shirt:

 fun stuff!!

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